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New Year Cleanse DAYS 4-7 (sample menu) Beet Recipes new year cleanse Jan 08, 2021

Pre-cleanse Days 4-7 (Jan 9 - 12)

Jan 9-10 DAYS 4 - 5 Eliminate Corn, Dairy, eggs, soy, dyes, sugar & artificial sweeteners (stevia is fine). Cut Caffeine in half once again. 

Jan 11-12 DAYS 6 - 7 Eliminate Peanuts & nuts
(you can have ½ - 1 cup of coffee or green...

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2021-01-07 Prism Meditation 6 - Wisdom - Meditation Jan 07, 2021

Join us for the sixth Prism Meditation, with Aron, (known as Crow) as our guide.

Crow first appeared to us in his angel form to help us understand and weather the 2nd Storm—willful ignorance. Crow is the light of Wisdom.

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2021-01-06 - Prism Meditation 5 - Truth - Meditation Jan 06, 2021

Join us for the fifth Prism Meditation, today with Elyudanna as our guide.

Elyudanna first appeared to us in her angel form to help us understand and weather the 3rd Storm—deceit. Elyudanna is the light of Truth.

What an auspicious day for us to be doing this powerful meditation on Truth.

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CLEANSE - DAYS 1 - 3 new year cleanse Jan 06, 2021



Jan 6-8: DAYS 1 - 3 Reduce caffeine and sugar (cut in half) 
2 - 3 Meals a day. Include fresh (lightly steamed-as much as you want) organic veggies from the food list, 2 - 3 tart apples a day (I lightly stewing my apples, adding cinnamon and a...

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New Year New You Cleanse Q&A Jan 05, 2021

New Year New You Cleanse

New Start Date, Wed Jan 6

You can do a mild, moderate, or full-out Capricorn cleanse.

Clean Up On Aisle "SELF."

This cleanse is a combination of the best cleanses I have done, including The Colorado Diet, Ayurveda, Gerson, anti-inflammatory, and a parasite...

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Prism Meditation 4 - Unity Jan 05, 2021

Join us for the fourth Prism Meditation, with Kenner as our guide. Kenner appeared to us in his angel form to help us understand and weather the 4th Storm—division. Kenner is the light of Unity and is the builder of bridges.

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2021-01-4 Prism Meditation 3 - Acceptance Jan 04, 2021

Today is our third Prism Meditation with Ashia, keeper, and light source for this prism.

Ashia is the angel/light being of the 5th Storm—prejudice. Prejudice is a destructive adverse opinion based on fear, not fact. Ashia's superpower is Acceptance.

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2021-01-03 Second Prism Meditation - Compassion Jan 03, 2021


Today is our second Prism Meditation.

The keeper of the second prism is also its source of light, Lovella.

Lovella is the angel/light being of the 6th Storm—judgment. When this storm is creating damage, she takes the form of an angel so she can communicate and guide you through this...

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2021-01-02 First Prism Meditation Jan 02, 2021

This is the first of the Seven Prism Meditations.  The meditation begins at the 7:54 point in the video.

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Clean Up On Aisle "SELF" -- New Year Cleanse DAYS 1-7 new year cleanse Jan 02, 2021

New Year Cleanse

Did you eat a bit too much of the wrong things over the holidays?

I sure did. And there's nothing like using the New Year Capricorn energy to get right back in balance again. You can do this in moderation or full-out Capricorn.

Clean Up On Aisle "SELF."

This cleanse is a...

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