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2021-01-03 Second Prism Meditation - Compassion Jan 04, 2021


Today is our second Prism Meditation.

The keeper of the second prism is also its source of light, Lovella.

Lovella is the angel/light being of the 6th Storm—judgment. When this storm is creating damage, she takes the form of an angel so she can communicate and guide you through this...

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2021-01-02 First Prism Meditation Jan 02, 2021

This is the first of the Seven Prism Meditations.  The meditation begins at the 7:54 point in the video.

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Clean Up On Aisle "SELF" -- New Year Cleanse DAYS 1-7 new year cleanse Jan 02, 2021

New Year Cleanse

Did you eat a bit too much of the wrong things over the holidays?

I sure did. And there's nothing like using the New Year Capricorn energy to get right back in balance again. You can do this in moderation or full-out Capricorn.

Clean Up On Aisle "SELF."

This cleanse is a...

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How To Make Your 2021 Resolute Wand for our New Year Party on Zoom new years 2021 Dec 31, 2020

Gary helps me explain how to make a Resolute Wand for our New Year party AND why it sooooo important!

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