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Note to Self By Cindy Kubica seven storms book Oct 21, 2021

Note to Self

By Cindy Kubica


While you’re complaining

Your light is growing dim 

What you were born to share

Gets buried deep within


While you’re judging others

You’re not hearing the divine 

Thinking you know better

Let's ego rule the mind



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A New Ending to an Old Vision seven storms book world viewing room Sep 30, 2021

This is not the blog post I was planning...
I was going to post what I wrote about Sam & Nate, the soldiers from the civil war who appeared to me in a vision. I’ll post that another day.

Why the change?

Well, during my morning meditation, I was taken back to the first vision I ever had...

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Wisdom Tool: Reflections, part 2 seven storms book wisdom tools Sep 16, 2021

This is an interactive process.
Start with calming your body-mind by centering yourself on the breath.

  • On the first breath inhale clarity; on the exhale release confusion.
  • On the second, inhale acceptance; on the exhale release judgment.
  • On the third breath, inhale divine wisdom...
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Why are the WVR doors closed? Wisdom Tool: Reflections, Part 1 seven storms book wisdom tools world viewing room Sep 09, 2021

One of the coolest things about The World Viewing Room (WVR) is that each time I go, there is something new and wonderous. Tools like the Clear & Calm Cylinder, the Crystal Resolute Desk, Prayer Wave, Kiddie Pool, Prisms, and Prism Healing Chamber. There are divine beings like the Archangels,...

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The SEVEN STORMS BOOK - INTRODUCTION seven storms book Jun 21, 2021

(Working Title)
By Cindy Kubica

Hi Soul Gang,

Below is the introduction to the Seven Storms book I'm working on.  This introduces my anchor story which I will refer back to throughout the book (hence the name anchor story). 
Please let me know what you...

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