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writing prompts Sep 01, 2021


As most of you know, I’m working on a book about The World Viewing Room and the Seven Storms Uprooting Humanity.

Since this is my first book with a publisher I needed some guidance so I decided to join the Hay House Writer’s Community (HHWC). If you are working on a book, I highly suggest checking them out.

In today’s workshop, our coaches, Reid and Kelly, challenged us to start a newsletter or blog.

Now, you may have noticed I tend to speak from excitement. That means I may not always be clear. Writing helps clarify thoughts and gives me an opportunity to perfect my writing.


I’m taking that challenge. Today, September 1st, even though it’s late, I'm starting!  And since we’re in Virgo (structure, not the cautious), it feels perfect.

Each week Hay House gives us Writing Prompt assignments; they help get your creative juices flowing. Try them yourself, they are really fun and help improve your writing! Just set your timer for 7 - 10 minutes and begin.   I wrote this to be both fun and funny, and as a powerful visualization as I write my book.

This week's Writing Prompt assignment is...

My book dream looks like…

My book dream looks like developing the skill to write a true page-turner that keeps people spellbound.

First, the cover catches your attention, the title draws you in. Curiosity wins and you buy my book.

My book bounces around in your shopping bag as you quickly walk out to your car. As you start your engine, my book calls to you, so you pull it out and begin to read.

Suddenly, a car horn honks bringing you out of the spell. You look around to see who honked, then down at your phone—43 minutes have passed.

You don't want to wait 20 minutes to get home to continue reading, so you decide to go into the bookstore, order a coffee, and sit and read.

The visceral sounds that emanate from you as you read, pique the curiosity of the nearby patrons. They strain their neck to see the cover of the book; you don't even notice.

With your knee anxiously bounces around, it finally registers that you need to pee. You don't even notice you walked into the wrong bathroom. When you come out of the stall and stand in front of the sink, the water runs automatically as you stand there continuing to read.

Someone asks you about your book; it doesn’t register that they are the opposite sex. Your face lights up and your hands become animated as you tell the story of the exciting journey shared in my book and life-changing wisdom revealed.

Others quietly listen as they remain perched in their stall. Suddenly, they can't stand it anymore. All at once, through the door, three people ask for the name of my book and what section it's in. They start to rush out of the bathroom, then remember they first need to wash their hands.

You get back to your table and someone calls, but you don't hear the phone; you silenced it because you want, you need, you must continue to read.

You find it's all you want to talk about with your friends. It's all 'they' want to talk about. Every time you turn on the TV, inevitably, someone quotes its wisdom.

Then, 'my' phone rings, Oprah goes to voicemail. I can't talk right now; Terry Gross is on the other line.

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