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Being Creageous is a blend if courage and creativity in mind, body, and soul.

We are moving into new world consciousness and the Universe is asking us to get ready by harmonizing our inner strength with our imagination and spiritual awareness. 

Energized Living Today Offers More than a One-Way Conversation

We are truly an interactive community where your voice matters. Our community is as comfortable as your favorite old shoes and gives you a safe place to share, learn, heal, and expand. Host Cindy Kubica guides the Community in group meditations, clearings, and/or activations so you can release, rebalance, and re-energize. And as a channel and seer, Cindy shares her insights.

Our Community Comes with a Pool and a Wave

Yes, we have a community pool—Farris Poole, that is. Farris is co-host, adding his unique southern Aquarian humor AND wisdom.

Intuitive medium, Nancy Shobe is our guest co-host monthly.
Our guest speakers offer a range of topics, including healing techniques, channeling, building your immune system, astrology, numerology, divine guidance, relationships, and abundance.

As a member of our ELT Soul Gang, you have the opportunity to explore and strengthen your own unique intuitive, healing and creative gifts. Come join our Fun and Informative community!

We're in this together!

We’re going through a huge shift…

Whenever there's a shift, especially one this momentous, there are challenges. We created a safe place to connect, share, and support each other.

We're in this together cause we know,

"There's a metaphysical pony in there somewhere!"



Is brought to you by the number 8
Yes, we are in a Eight Universal Energy Year

In numerology, 8 holds the energy of infinite possibilities, abundance, and manifestation. Eight is also the number of Karma and invokes the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect. This energy frequency offers us quite an interesting year ahead. 

2024 invites us to be Creageous and embrace all the magical possibilities this new year has to offer. 


Free Weekly Calls and Regular Contributors

Each week we have random conversations, virtual social gatherings, and a Sacred Gathering for meditation, prayer, and channeled wisdom.


"I listen to many different summits but you both, Cindy and Farris are the most authentic…you genuinely care; we can feel it. I am honored to be one of the ‘soul gang."

~ Mary


"I love who you are, so strong and true, with a grace about you that is amazing to experience. Thank you."

~ Cassie


"I’ve been one of your ‘soul gang’ members for years…from the start, I think. When you say you are learning and growing with us, you mean it—I’ve witnessed it. You are a wonderful example of ‘doing the work.”

~ Kay

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