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 Green Drink Recipes

(Gerson & Colorado Cleanse)

Gerson’s Green Juice Recipe

  • Dark green lettuces – 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 of a head (depending on the size of the lettuce):
  • red and green leaf lettuces, romaine, endives.

(Iceberg is useless and do not use)

  • Escarole – 2 or 3 leaves (or substitute)
  • Beet tops (young inner leaves) – 2 to 3 leaves
  • Watercress – 5 or 6 leaves
  • Red cabbage – 2 or 3 leaves
  • Green bell pepper – 1⁄4
  • Swiss chard – little Green apple – 1



Greens should be washed taking care to rinse off sand or soil that is often present at the base of the leaves. Shake off water or put in salad spinner to remove excess moisture. Cut off bottom portion of stems of chard or any other fibrous leaves. Chop up because it is quite stringy and hard to pulp. This avoids raising temperature of pulp and killing enzymes.

Using a two-step (grinder/press) juicer, grind and collect pulp in a bowl. When all produce has been ground stir thoroughly, but not so much as to introduce unnecessary air into the pulp.

If you’re using an electric press raise the juice part slowly to avoid having pulp squirt out of cloth and onto the juice person.

Using multiple juicing cloths you can prepare the second cloth while the first one is pressing. Also, some people will fold over the squashed cloth/pulp package and press it again to get a little more juice out of the pulp. Wash juicer after every green juice.

After pressing, the remaining pulp, conveniently packaged in the juice cloth, can be discarded.

The green juice is much more active than the carrot or carrot/apple juices and should be consumed immediately. Dr. Gerson did not recommend storage of the green juice for any length of time before consumption as it deteriorates rapidly.

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Colorado Cleanse Green Tonic

 The purpose of the Green Tonic is to rejuvenate the bile and liver. It’s chock-full of vital nutrients that are made accessible via the steaming and blending of the vegetables, which helps to break down the cell wall.

I’ll ask you to have 1–2 (8 oz.) servings of the Green Tonic each day, with meals.

Green Tonic

Makes about 2 (8 oz.) servings


  • 1-2 cups filtered water for steaming
  • 2 medium celery stalks, chopped
  • 1 whole zucchini, chopped
  • 1 cup string beans, ends trimmed and chopped 1⁄2 cup fresh parsley


Steam all the vegetables except parsley for about 8 minutes or until bright green, tender but not mushy (try not to overcook, as over-cooking can start to decrease nutrient value).

Combine all the ingredients, including the fresh parsley, in a blender using the remaining steaming water as a thinning agent. Puree until smooth, adding more water as needed to reach your desired consistency. If you have a Vitamix or a similarly powerful blender, you can make the Green Tonic very smooth. A weaker blender or food processor may result in a chunkier, less unified texture.

To support digestion, please drink the Green Tonic at room temperature, warm, or hot – not cold.

Flavor Options:

Green Tonic Soup (Warm and Savory):

Make it a “soup” by adding garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper to taste. Serve warm with a squeeze of lemon.

Green Tonic Smoothie:

Add 1 small beet with a slice of fresh ginger and the juice of 1⁄2 a lemon., Colorado Cleanse

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