Lion's Gate Portal Meditation 2022

astrology numerology seven storms book wisdom tools Aug 07, 2022

 Now is the time to amplify your manifesting power. The Lion's Gate Portal is the summer's most powerful astrological event. It happens during the Leo season and is a combination of ancient astrology, cosmology, and numerology—all channeling a very specific celestial alignment culminating annually on August 8 (8/8). Eight is the number of infinity, magic, and manifestation. 

The Lion’s Gate Portal opened on July 28, and this year will close on August 9. While the portal is active, it’s an auspicious time for meditation.
(Manifesting meditation below picture.)


The Lion’s Gate Portal occurs when the fixed star Sirius, Earth, and the Orion constellation are all aligned in the sky. Solar energy is vital in the practice of manifestation, as it brings the creative power of the element of fire. It’s a time of the year when the magical vitality of the sun (the natural ruler of Leo) is at an all-time high. 

The Portal opens when the Constellation of Orion is aligned with the Pyramids of Giza, which creates a trinity of alignments. It was during this time in 2020 that I first saw the Seven Prisms of the Seven Angels. It’s also interesting that this year, as I take August off to write, I'm heading into the part of the book when this took place. I love divine timing!


Consider placing your yellow crystals such as citrine or amber, around your prism or pyramid-shaped stone or crystal. For those of you into herbs, make a tea or burn manifesting herbs like basil, or mugwort, and/or botanicals like sunflower and marigold.  

Here is a manifesting meditation. Add your intentions for what you want to manifest. 

“I am the ultimate creator and architect of my life. I fearlessly go into the future allowing my divine light to shine without restraint. I call in this auspicious energy of the Lion’s Gate and ask that it be held in my prism to amplify the magic of my light from this moment and beyond. I shine my light, knowing there is no limitation to my ability to transform my world and the world around me.”

Take advantage of this mystical and magical energy. 

Cindy and Farris

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