Wisdom Tool: Reflections, part 2

seven storms book wisdom tools Sep 15, 2021
Reflections, part 2

This is an interactive process.
Start with calming your body-mind by centering yourself on the breath.

  • On the first breath inhale clarity; on the exhale release confusion.
  • On the second, inhale acceptance; on the exhale release judgment.
  • On the third breath, inhale divine wisdom and on the exhale, release this physical plane and ride your spirit breath to another dimension—to the World Viewing Room.

The doors and curtains remain closed, the curtains drawn. This wisdom tool is to help you reflect inward.

(Click to read part 1 https://www.energizedlivingtoday.com/blog/reflectionspart1)

Materializing on the left door is another mirror with a set of instructions.

  • Step up to the mirror
  • See yourself at the end of your physical life journey.

The Council of Wisdom calls this your Wise Self or most Senior Self. The reason they prefer 'wise or senior self' is because many people do not stay in physical form long enough to get to what we would consider our old self.

Meditate on your wise face for a moment.  Then answer these questions:

  1. What do you see?
  2. What life lesson have you learned that if you had paid attention or understood it earlier in your life, would have shifted your experience? 
  3. If that shift ‘had’ taken place, what would you have had to give up?
  4. Would it be worth it?
  5. What do you feel now?

For example:

1. A wise woman.
2. There have been many times in my life that I wish I had not had a baby at 16 and could have waited until I was ready. I've wished I had been given a choice.  

3. I would not have known my grandchildren, Chase, Sara and Cadie.

I would not have such a deep understanding of the plight of other teen moms, single moms or even someone’s right to choose whether they are ready to be a mom.
4. Not worth losing these precious souls in my life.

5. I have learned to use my voice and speak up for myself.

When you are done, take three gentle breaths, on the third exhale envision yourself gently landing back in your shoes. Move your arms and legs, coming fully back into your body.

The Council of Wisdom is asking that you take time to ponder these questions and any other questions that come up for you. Over the next week, go to The World Viewing Room daily, look in the mirror and meditate on your wise face. Then, journal, journal, journal.

If you don’t know how to start, write down the question, then simply answer it with the first thought that comes to you.

Part 3 of this Wisdom Tool, ‘Reflections’ will be posted next Wednesday. That gives you plenty of time to reflect and journal.

I’ll send out an email letting you know when it’s posted.


Message from the World Viewing Room:

With these mirrors, you can only reflect that which lives in your subconscious.


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