A New Ending to an Old Vision

seven storms book world viewing room Sep 30, 2021

This is not the blog post I was planning...
I was going to post what I wrote about Sam & Nate, the soldiers from the civil war who appeared to me in a vision. I’ll post that another day.

Why the change?

Well, during my morning meditation, I was taken back to the first vision I ever had at age 10, in 1967. But this time it ended differently. Or maybe it was a continuation. Either way, it gives me chills just thinking about it.

Join me in my vision...

Just as before, as far as I can see, there are people lying on cots struggling to breathe. I know they are dying, only this time, I know it’s a plague. And this time they are already covered with the green blankets I was asked to give out. The warmth gives them hope.

As before, I hear thunder. Then lightning reveals the outline of a dark figure; I can feel its strength. From behind me, Archangel Uriel whispers in my ear, "Beware of the salesmen in fine silks."  That’s interesting since the first time I heard it, Uriel said ‘salesman’...mmm.

For the first time, I hear Uriel say, "Not everyone here will die."

Though many lay lifeless, Uriel is right, some people begin to stir. Though very weak, they get up from their cots. I watch as about a third of them begin to move in the direction of the dark figure. Lightning lets me see what I can feel, their great admiration for the figure.

 Almost two-thirds of the remaining people shake their heads 'No' as disgust takes over their faces. Then, they too, stand with the shadow.

I feel the dark figure’s glee as their attention gives him even more power. This sends a lightning bolt through me as I realize, “This is what I've been doing!” Whether we embrace the shadow or rebuke it, the energy is fuel, and it gets stronger and controls us.

Just as I felt when I was 10, the allure of the shadow draws me in. His...no wait, her...um...mmm... 'its' strength is intoxicating. Interestingly, unlike before, I feel a pull that is both masculine and feminine. I am mesmerized and take a step toward it. 

But then, out of the corner of my right eye, I see a light. It shines on the cots in all its brilliance. The remaining people standing look to their left then turn away from the shadow to face the light. Many of the people who stood with the shadow are now moving toward the light. They close their eyes and bask in its warm embrace. The light of this divine power cannot be matched. I feel overwhelming love from the people and, as if in answer, the light glows brighter.

Without effort, I smile. I no longer feel the allure of the shadow. I make my choice; I choose the light.


This vision is a powerful reminder.

Judgment is part of our humanness; we cannot escape it, try as we might. Judging feels empowering.

Most often we cast what The Counsel of Wisdom callsidol judgment.’  I thought ‘idol’ was an interesting choice of words, so, I looked it up. Idol means an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship. Interestingly it also means obsession.

 So, whether it’s love or fear, admiration or disdain, if we become obsessed with something, instead of it being a guiding principle or light, it becomes our god. Remember, we don’t just give up our power to fear and disdain; love, admiration, and even our principles and the light can become an obsession too.

The questions to ask yourself are:

Does it guide me into the dark or the light? Does it make you feel dense and heavy or expansive and free? Am I basking in the light or am I blinded by it, keeping me in judgment of others?”

The World Viewing Room asks us to just breathe and observe the earth without judgment. Not forever but for as long as we can.  If we can relax a little and withhold our judgment if only for a moment, it will change world consciousness. That's the new world.

Join me in recommitting to the practice of going to The World Viewing Room and for as long as you can, observe the world without judgment. And yes, that means getting comfortable in not knowing a situation’s purpose. 

If you see an injustice in this world, act if called. But even in your action, remain centered in love consciousness or compassion consciousness. That's Christ consciousness.

And while our own shadows are bound to sneak up on us from time to time, as best as you can, seek to understand with compassion—and that includes yourself. This practice, no matter how fleeting, keeps you basking in divine light.

Remember: it's called a practice for a reason.

Energy hug,
Cindy Kubica

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