Why are the WVR doors closed? Wisdom Tool: Reflections, Part 1

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Wisdom Tool: Reflections

One of the coolest things about The World Viewing Room (WVR) is that each time I go, there is something new and wonderous. Tools like the Clear & Calm Cylinder, the Crystal Resolute Desk, Prayer Wave, Kiddie Pool, Prisms, and Prism Healing Chamber. There are divine beings like the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Zebra, the Light Brigade, along with Monks, animals, and children.

But when I entered the WVR for my daily meditation and prayer last week, I was really taken aback by what I saw. The doors of the arched window were slowly closing. Not only that, but curtains appeared, and were being drawn in sync with the closing doors. I could no longer see the world.

“God (source), I asked, “why are the doors closing?  And why are there curtains covering the windows?” 

God answered:                                                                               

“Dearest Cindy, just as Archangel Uriel warned Noah of The Great Flood, so shall his wisdom give guidance during The Seven Storms.”

Then, Archangel Uriel appeared with the angels of The Seven Storms: Ziya, Crow, Elyudanna, Kenner, Ashia, Lovella, and Yacha. In the WVR, they always appear in their true form: pure light.

Uriel’s message:

“We are The Council of Wisdom. 

There is much turmoil in the world. The Seven Storms: envy, willful ignorance, deceit, division, prejudice, judgment, and rebellion for rebellion's sake, are all fueled by the same thing, ego. The storms are gaining in strength and becoming more destructive as resistance to forming new world consciousness grows.

The World Viewing Room is a place of peace and solace, a place to meet, greet and learn. Right now, it is far too easy to look out at the world and get wrapped up in the minutia of the transformation. The anger head moves you into judgment and sorrow, eclipsing your inner peace. 

The doors are ‘not’ closed so you can ignore what’s going on. In your humanness, you are of the world and should be aware of the happenings, and even act if you feel called. Keep in mind, new world consciousness is being shaped by the frequency of humanity’s most dominant thoughts.

Come to The WVR often. It is a peaceful place, away from the noise of the physical world. Please do not bring the noise with you! Here it is easier to raise your vibration and move from the head to the heart, into Christ Consciousness—love consciousness. Doing this for even a moment a day raises the vibration of the world.

The Council of Wisdom will provide you with many tools. Today’s tool is an inward exploration.”

(* an anger head is created from low vibration thoughts and emotions, such as fear, to take over your brain.) 

I’m writing this in the WVR at the Crystal Resolute Desk. As I write in the peace of the room, I realize the communication with The Council of Wisdom is coming through so much clearer. 

Today's Wisdom Tool: Reflections

Calm your body-mind, take three slow, deep breaths. On the exhale of the third breath, your spirit breath, you are transported to another dimension, to a place called the World Viewing Room.

Notice the doors to the windows are closed, the curtains drawn, and you cannot see the earth.

Materializing on the left door is a mirror with instructions.

  • Step up to the mirror
  • See in the mirror, a young and innocent you. This is you from a time when your world was still filled with playfulness, wonder, and great possibilities. 

Breathe normally as you take a moment to meditate on your youthful face.
What can you learn from ‘you’…

Look deep into your youthful eyes; ask and answer this question: 

What did you know then that you have a hard time remembering now?

Answer the question out loud as you continue to look at your youthful self.

Okay, so as I was writing, Archangel Uriel popped in with a message.

Uriel: Your youthful self is not the reflection, you are. You are the reflection of all the choices you’ve made thus far.”

Well, well, well…

The other mirrors we were shown on Sunday are not appearing; even the question is different.

The Council of Wisdom is asking that you take time to ponder this question and any other questions that come up for you. Come back daily, look in the mirror and meditate on your youthful face.

They will let me know when to post part 2 of this Wisdom Tool, ‘Reflections’. I’ll send out an email letting you know. So, as THEO says, “We are complete...”.


Message from the World Viewing Room:
Remember, The Universe is Here to Support You!

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