Note to Self By Cindy Kubica

seven storms book Oct 21, 2021

Note to Self

By Cindy Kubica


While you’re complaining

Your light is growing dim 

What you were born to share

Gets buried deep within


While you’re judging others

You’re not hearing the divine 

Thinking you know better

Let's ego rule the mind


While you’re busy damning

Your flow dams up too 

It causes separation

Between me and you


Seek first to understand

Start within yourself 

Illuminate your shadows

This is Note to Self!


Pride goes before destruction

A haughty spirit before the fall

It renders you deaf & blind

You’ll miss your mission call


You came here with a purpose

For oneness with the light 

But no one can see it

when you’re busy being ‘right’


Breathe and pause a moment

Before you complain 

Take a look in the mirror

Is your face reflecting pain?


Is your body filled with tension?

Your stomach in a knot? 

Stress will kill you faster

than any conspiracy plot


Seek first to understand

Start within yourself 

What are you avoiding?

This is Note to Self!


We all embrace our humanness

And get caught up in fight 

But one thing I know for sure

Hate will douse your light


The truth is….


The fight is avoidance

of what you’re meant to do 

It’s procrastination

And sticks to you like glue


It’s robbing the world of your book,

your poem or next hit song 

And who’s not getting your attention,

while you’re making someone wrong?


Shine your light into darkness

Release what serves you not

Pray for help to hit your mark  

Love always hits the spot 


Seek first to understand

Start within yourself 

It’s time to let your love light shine

This is Note to Self!


© Cindy Kubica 2021

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