How Your Personal Year Number Blends with Seven Universal Energy

new years 2023 numerology Jan 02, 2023

New Year, New Universal Energy Part 2 Keywords for your Personal Year

Your Personal Year Number

Along with the Universal year, we each have a personal year. To calculate your personal year, add your birth month + day + Universal Year number.

My birthday is 3/16, 3+1+6=10+7=17 1+7=8. My personal year is an eight.

In the video I share what each of the numbers mean and how each number’s energy blends with the Universal energy, in this case 7.

Below are keywords that will serve as beacons of light for you this year.

ONE (1) YEAR keywords:

New beginning, create, invent, reinvent, pioneer, independence, explore, investigate, and ‘try on’.

TWO (2) year keywords:

Harmony, relationships, connection, self-knowing, self-love, duality, balance, boundaries, diplomacy, consideration.

THREE (3) year keywords:

Expansion, communication, possibilities, creativity, fun, joy, adventure, stepping out in new ways, testing yourself.

FOUR (4) YEAR keywords:

Stability, foundation, grounding, safety and security, values, elements, organize, declutter, purge. Call on the Archangels. 

FIVE (5) YEAR keywords:

Change, freedom, freewill, adventure, travel, opportunity, let go, shift, unexpected, and chaos.


SIX (6) YEAR keywords:

Connections, relationships, love, belonging, family, nurturing, harmony, self-care, home, environmental beauty, enjoyment, healing, mending, and forgiveness.

SEVEN (7) YEAR keywords:


Spiritual growth, psychic awakening, wisdom, beliefs, philosophy, listen, get quiet, go within, awareness, epiphanies, integrate, study, read, learn, and grow. 


EIGHT (8) YEAR keywords:

Infinite potential, manifest, abundance, opportunity, drive, accomplishment, challenge yourself, results, goal, embrace, karma, magic, and luck.

NINE (9) YEAR keywords:

Completion, finalize, wrap up, clear the slate, minimize, humanitarian, selflessness, lived wisdom.

If your numbers add up to 11, 22, or 33, these are Master numbers and are not reduced down to a single number. 

These are powerful numbers. Use their energy for the highest and best of all.

ELEVEN (11) YEAR Keywords:

Spiritual awakening, gateway, spiritual growth, self-mastery, and consciousness.

TWENTY-TWO (22) YEAR Keywords:

Master builder, envision, transform, creation, co-creation, joy, collective consciousness, and inspiration.

THIRTY-THREE (33) YEAR Keywords:
Master Teacher, master student, wisdom seeker, inspired leader.

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