Humpday Message: Unlock Your Magick

humpday readings Aug 24, 2022
Unlock, release, with bravery

Today's Humpday message is to unlock your magick by releasing the old with bravery and honesty.

For this reading, I did a three-card spread with Kyle Gray's, Angels and Ancestors oracle deck.

Here's what the three cards represent.

  1. Strength: The strengths and gifts you have in this situation
  2. Heart: What your heart wants you to know about this situation
  3. Challenge: What do you need to heal or work on in order to grow

Magick Guardian

Your Strength: Unlock the Magick Within

Stop looking outside yourself and recognize that you have incredible power within. You are the magick, you are the answer, you have it all within you.

Magick (with a k) is the energy of the universe that allows you to manifest and create through the direction and power of your will. It changes according to your frequency.


Your Heart is asking that you Release the Old and Rest. To unlock the magick of energy of the universe, release all of the pressure and expectations weighing you down. Shed it all so that you can recover before moving into a time of renewal. 


Your Challenge: Be Brave and Honest. Do the right thing, even if it isn't the easiest option. Stand for what you know to be right and true.


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