humpday readings Nov 30, 2022

I just received a new oracle deck called Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray. And since I haven’t done a hump day reading in while, (remodeling and writing have my focus), I decided today I would do a quick reading before writing.

The card is Truth is My Teacher (page 78)

Love it!

As I was scanning the guidebook’s meaning into my phone so I could post it, something weird happened. Instead of the usual rectangular outline that captures the page, it drew a pyramid. That’s never happened before which made me pause and ask if this was a sign.

Then I remembered that when I woke up at 2 am, I asked my guides what I should focus my writing on for the last day of Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month).

As a writing prompt, I decided to look up the spiritual meaning of a pyramid. A pyramid is a representation of our 'internal architecture'. I wondered if I'm supposed to focus on the prisms since they are pyramid shaped and reflect the light of our internal architecture.

For confirmation I asked my guides out loud, “Do I have that right?”

When I walked into the kitchen to make some tea, I saw my necklace that was hanging in the window move. It shifted from being flat up against the wall to face me. Chills of confirmation traveled from head to toe. Inside the glass ornament on the necklace are tiny crystal prisms.

I laughed out loud. The Truth that we are always divinely guided is my Teacher.

Another truth is our days are filled with long to-do lists, which causes guidance to go by us un-noticed. But they’re used to our ‘human doingness’ so they find creative ways to make their message so obvious we can't ignore it. 😇

So, this day, the last day of Nanowrimo, I’m focusing on writing more about the prisms.

The Truth about Prisms

A prism has no light source of its own. When provided a light source, it refracts or bends the light and when it comes out the other side it expands into a beautiful rainbow.

In 2020, the Angels of the Seven Storms revealed themselves and asked me to share their message with the world. They are here at this time to help us understand what is going on and to show us through their own life stories that we’ve been down this road before.

Then the seven angels appeared in the World Viewing Room. First, seven pyramid-shaped prisms rose from the stardust floor. One-by-one, the angels emerged from the prisms and burst into pure light, they are magnificent beings of light.

When the angels show themselves in their true light form, they work as a collective called The Council of Wisdom. Each contributes their unique light to the world, casting a rainbow of hope into the collective that will restore order, compassion, acceptance, unity, truth, wisdom, and trust.

Then another portal opened and each one of us receives a personal prism to refract and amplify our internal architecture. That's why it is so important to stay in alignment with the light.

Humpday Mantra

“When my internal architecture is in alignment with divine light, my prism refracts and amplifies the truth that we are all one.” 




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