Wielding the Magician’s Sword

group readings Aug 28, 2022
 The Magician’s Sword

Today’s card is The Magician’s Sword from Shaman's Dream Oracle deck by Alberto Villoldo & Colette Baron-Reid.

However, the meditation below is a divine download I received while I was in The Storm Portal. We'll do it together on our Zoom call, Sunday, September 4, 2022, @ 11:00 am ET / 8 am PT. To see Alberto and Colette’s full interpretation, refer to the book in their oracle deck.

There is Magic within you. Draw on it and you will be able to wield the Magician’s Sword. But remember, it is a tool, not a weapon. 

Don't look to the heavens to grant you this magic, look within.

Take a moment and focus on the beauty of the sword. Then... 

Close your eyes and imagine feeling the sword in your hands. Feel its weight. Center yourself on what you are feeling.


Reach into your memory and compare the weight of the sword to the weight of your limiting beliefs, unfulfilling relationships, and long-held habits that keep you stuck. 


Once you become aware of the weight you've been carrying, the sword becomes lighter and you will be able to wield it to cut the cords that bind you to old thought forms, beliefs, habits, and relationships. 

Cut the cords now. Breathe.

Cutaway cords of distraction that keep you from being your highest and best self. That includes people who you follow that stand in your way.

Cut the cords now. Breathe.

Find the places where you are kept tethered to a toxic person, or belief system. Let the blade do its magic. 

Cut the cords now. Breathe.

Check for anything else that keeps you weighed down now. Call it out.

Cut the cords now. Breathe.

Notice how much lighter you feel with each cord you cut. 

Breathe. Savor.

You have reclaimed what has always been yours, the internal warrior of self-healing.

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