Straddling Worlds

humpday readings Sep 15, 2022
Straddling Worlds

How comfortable are you in wandering between realms?

That’s what we do when we go to the World Viewing Room or any of the other portals. What extraordinary journeys we’ve been on and there are still many more to come.

This morning, I picked up an oracle deck for today’s Humpday oracle reading. Then I remembered the potent energy around the card I drew on Sunday from a different deck. When I stood to go get it, I put the first deck down and a card popped out—Between Worlds.

When I went downstairs to get the card from Sunday, I discovered it was Straddling Worlds. You can’t get a more signier sign than that. This is an important message for us.  

Instantly, I was in the World Viewing Room. Standing in front of the arched window was the Clear and Calm meditation cylinder. A hint, perhaps? As I meditated on clearing the water in the cylinder, I cleared all but two good size pieces of debris. Oddly, they felt familiar. After a long time of trying, I just couldn’t clear the water. When I asked why I heard—karmic contracts.

My meditation was interrupted by the foreman of the team tearing down my old back deck (yes, I’m getting a new deck, yay).

On the way back to my meditation, I heard something from an audio playing in the background. Though I couldn’t tell you what they said, it sent me into a new realm that connected the water in the Clear and Calm cylinder to the future. Chills raced up to my crown, down my legs, and all the way to my toes. Since I’m still getting more insight into this revelation, I’m going to wait to share more on Sunday.

For today, I’m going to share what Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid have to say from the Shaman’s Dream Oracle deck. I LOVE this deck!

Straddling Worlds

Once you wander between realms, there's no going back to the way things once were. You must find the delicate balance that can bring you delight as you relish the past and all your memories, along with awe as you glimpse the astonishing and exciting future.

Do not wait for applause. Move on quietly, humbly, invisible to others. This card brings an invitation to begin not only a new chapter but a new book in your life. Do not break the news to anyone; let people be as surprised as you are as you reinvent yourself. Make sure you are not just a slightly improved and more polished version of a dated and obsolete you. Birth yourself into someone original. Do not feel like you have to explain yourself or be understood by anyone. Become a mystery even to yourself! Gaze into the mirror one morning and be pleasantly surprised.

Straddling Worlds invites you to become a true wizard, not one who performs magic tricks but one who has mastered the dance between the visible and the invisible worlds, between the realms of form and formlessness. You are the birther of new ideas, of original and sustainable ways of being in the world.

See you soon! 


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