Wisdom Tool: Reflections, part 3

wisdom tools Sep 22, 2021
Reflections, part 3

 This is part 3 of the Wisdom Tools: Reflections.

If you missed Reflections parts 1 & 2, go to our blog. On the right, click the keywords Wisdom Tools.


Whenever you see Wisdom Tool, it’s a process. So, get water, slip on something comfortable, pick a quiet place, and leave your monkey mind or anger head at the door. Now you are ready to travel to another dimension without interruption.  

Have your journal and a pen/pencil within reach so you can capture questions that come up, ah ha’s, and new insights.

Wisdom Tool: Reflections, part 3

Get comfortable, calm your body-mind, and begin centering on your breath.

  • On the first inhale, pay attention to how the breath feels as it travels into your lungs. On the exhale, feel the breath as it travels out of your lungs and over your tongue and lips.
  • Do the same thing on your second breath. Be totally present to the sensations you feel as the breath travels in and then out.
  • Repeat on the third inhale, being totally present. This time, on the exhale, release this physical plane and ride your spirit breath to another dimension—The World Viewing Room.

You are entering through the rear. Look around, you are surrounded by stars, planets, and all that the universe has to offer.

Before you, there is a large, arched window. Usually, the doors to the window are open so we can see the world. However, for this process, the doors are closed and draped in curtains. As with the first two parts of the Reflections Wisdom Tool, the focus is on you; travel inward—to reflect.  

Another mirror materializes at the center of both doors. There is a scroll with instructions.

  • Step up to the mirror
  • See yourself as you are now.

Your reflection holds all secrets, memories, and wisdom gained from this life’s journey thus far. Honor yourself and all the love, joy, successes, as well as the disappointments, pain, and sorrow that have made you who you are. This mirror holds your future. Deep in your subconscious, are choices you have yet to make that will create a journey to your wise self.

Ask these questions:

  • From your innocent self, what message do you have for yourself now?
  • From your future wise self, reflect on this day. What wisdom do you have for yourself now? 

The Council of Wisdom is asking that you take time to ponder these questions along with any other questions that come up. Over the next week, go to The World Viewing Room daily, look in the mirror and meditate on your face. Then, journal, journal, journal.

If you don’t know how to start, write down the question, then simply answer it with the first thought that comes to you.

Message from the World Viewing Room:

You already know the answers.

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