Positive reinforcement is coming your way

humpday readings Oct 19, 2022
Positive reinforcement is coming your way

You give so much and today’s humpday card acknowledges you as the loving soul you are. You are supported and though it may not always feel that way, rest assured, the Universe has your back.


When the Benefactor weaves her energy into your life, you're put on notice that all manner of positive reinforcement is coming your way. The Universe wants to let you know that just as you have been generous with others, serving with your gifts even in the smallest capacity, so will you be blessed in many, many ways.

The Benefactor gives you the recognition that you are stewarding and sharing abundance on behalf of a higher source, one that is always working through you. The purity of your desire to share without the need for a tradeoff that is reciprocated tenfold.

Do it "just because" and the Benefactor will give you her blessing.

Today's humpday card is from The Shaman's Dream by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Barren-Reid.

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