New Year, New 7 Universal Energy

new years 2023 numerology Jan 02, 2023

New Year, New Universal Energy Part 1 Meaning of a Seven Year

Let’s welcome in the New Year along with the shift to a Seven (7) Universal Energy.

How do we know it’s a Seven Universal year?

Simply add the numbers of the year together. 2023 2+0+2+3=7
FYI for future years, reduce double digits down to a single digit. More on that in the video.

So, what does the 7-energy mean? What will you feel? What can you expect with the Seven Universal year? How will Mercury retrograde influence the Seven energy? And what should you ‘not’ do during this energy?

I’ll answer that last question first. Simply said, force. This is not a year to push and force things to happen, and here’s why.

Entering this new year in retrograde is ‘actually’ perfect as it prepares us for the slower energy of a seven year. Again, this is not a year to ‘push’. I’ve certainly learned that as I’m wrapping up a 7 personal year.

Seven is the number of spiritual connection and collective consciousness. The seven key words that govern this year are trust, faith, ease, gentle, vulnerable, open, and truth. Embrace these words and they give flight to a new level of enlightenment; they are your guiding light.

This gentle energy does not mean stand still. Simply move forward with ease and grace. When something stops you or slows you down, it is not a roadblock, but rather a reminder to be gentle with yourself and that there is another truth to explore. Trust.

This is not the year of the ego. Let go of what you think you know, be open to learning something new and, once again, trust.

The Universe has your back.

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