ELT Soul Gang News - How to Plant New Moon Seeds of Intention for an Earth Signs

elt soul gang news new moon wishes Sep 13, 2023
Plant seeds of Intention

There are two cosmic events you may be feeling.

 The New Moon in Virgo tomorrow, Thursday, September 14, and Mercury is stationing direct on Friday, September 15.

Right now, Mercury is standing still, readying to station direct. This may have you feeling a little off, even unable to focus. You may even feel teary or moody. This will ease up on Friday.

We are also in the Dark-of-the-Moon. This is the most fertile time in the lunar cycle to plant the seeds for what we want, called New Moon seeds of intention, or New Moon wishes. All seeds start in darkness, then, when watered, expand, and grow. 

 Since this is the Virgo Moon, an earth sign that is grounded and stable, here’s a simple but powerful New Moon Seed Planting Ritual.

 New Moon Seed Planting Ritual for Earth Signs

  • Write down your wishes or intentions in your journal. Handwritten is most powerful.
  • Take your journal with you outside. Prop it up so you can read your intentions, or you can hold it.
  • Pick up a small handful of dirt.
  • Kick off your shoes and ground yourself on the earth, centering on your breath.
  • Hold the dirt in your hands (or in one hand if you’re holding your journal)
  • From your heart center, speak your intentions/wishes out loud, into the dirt.
  • This ritual can also be done using a crystal instead of dirt.


“Mother Earth, I have written my New Moon Intentions (or Wishes). Now, from my heart, I plant the seeds into the dirt by saying them out loud.

Speak your New Moon Intentions/Wishes.

Finish by burying the dirt in your garden and watering them with a blessing.

Blessing: I plant my Intentions/Wishes during the dark-of-the-moon asking that they are blessed by you Mother Earth, so that they can sprout, grow, expansion and bear fruit for my (loved one, world) highest and best. And so, it is.”
Use words that feel right for you.


This Weeks Zoom Calls - 9-14 & 16, 2023


Friday is Invite a Guest Day. They will be Soul Gang members for the day. Of course, if they love us, they can stay.

They are invited to our short release ceremony. As we head towards the Fall/Spring Equinox, it is a wonderful time for simple rituals and ceremonies, like the one I shared above.

For Friday’s short ceremony, I invite you and your guest to bring in a medium sized stick from your yard, or area.

Don’t have a stick? Get creative. You can substitute with something else like a chop stick, or matchstick, even a popsicle stick (minus the popsicle). This is for a karmic release ceremony. I’ll explain more on Friday.


There’s such mass loss lately in Morocco and Libya. I have been in meditation and prayer all week. Let’s come together for prayer and meditation in the World Viewing Room.

We’ll see you Friday.

Cindy and Farris


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