Message From Pig: Know Your Worth

humpday readings Oct 05, 2022
Self-Worth, Message From Pig

How often do we cast doubt on ourselves and think we’re not enough?

Yup, it happens to all of us, sometimes worse than others. Well, Pig has message for you that's simple and direct: know your worth.

Pig's medicine teaches us about inner talk.

Think of a piggy bank with money inside of it. The more money inside, the more value it carries. The piggy bank reflects the idea that our true worth comes from within. When we only use others' validation to inform us of our value, it always leads to suffering.

Now is the time to proactively train and direct the voice in your head to share messages that are uplifting, loving, and kind about yourself. This will take a lot of work and will most likely feel like you're lying to yourself if you have a habit of negative self-talk.

The key to making it honest and impactful is to not lie to yourself and say I am gorgeous when everything in you feels ugly. Instead, you say to the part that feels ugly, "I love you, I feel this pain with you, and one day I will get us to the point where we feel our beauty, but for now I am here for you."

Pig's medicine asks you to accept that you will always struggle with some form of insecurity because you are human. True self-worth isn't raging confidence; it is allowing yourself to be insecure and being there for yourself while you feel the pain of not feeling good enough. This act is the power that creates self-worth.

Today’s humpday card is from the deck Animal Apothecary by Cara Elizabeth. 


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