What a Fortuitous Solstice Reading for June 21, 2022

group readings Jun 21, 2022

Wow, What a Fortuitous Solstice Reading for June 21, 2022. I asked and boy, did the Universe answer! 

My Question:
As we go through these crazy times, what is the most important thing we need to know?

In answer, I drew four cards: Ark of the Covenant, Summer/Winter solstice (I could hardly believe it), The waterfall, and Archangel Raphael.


Keep in mind that since this is a group reading, it applies to the Collective.

The Ark of The Covenant card tells us we are fulfilling a karmic contract. The 11 is the master intuitive number.

As we clear the collective karmic contract, you’ll notice an increase in your intuitive abilities. Trust your knowing; it will guide you through this outwardly crazy time. If you’re down under, Winter Solstice is likely to be gentler.

The next two cards are the Suit of Forces, which is all about energy, consciousness, and natural law. Natural law states that consciousness creates reality and energy attracts like energy.

The Summer/Winter Solstice card tells us ‘the time is now.' The solstice activates the acceleration in fulfilling this karmic contract. This card carries a 5, the number of change. Yup, this is the season, and that’s what I’ve been sensing; this confirms it.

 The Waterfall card has, of course, the element of water which is fluid. This acknowledges this will be an emotional time, but remember, we have many choices we can make. It reminds us that our personal energy or life force is never-ending. It springs from our eternal past and roars into a limitless future. The number 6 represents the current Universal year, again, confirming the time to fulfill this contract is upon us. Things are accelerating, and you’ll see evidence first in your relationships and communities.

 The fourth card tells us who’s guiding us during this time, Archangel Raphael.

Here he’s appearing in human form holding a light. This means he's here as a miracle worker; call upon him. He lights the path so you can be both creative and courageous, ‘creageous’ as we collectively move through completing this karmic contract. The number 8 on Raphael’s card reminds us that our future holds infinite possibilities. Embrace this time in history with a creageous heart and mind.

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