In My Garden by Andrea Shushan Burdick

soul gang stories-poems Nov 03, 2021

In My Garden

by Andrea Shushan Burdick 10-27-21

In my secret, sacred garden
I’m given words in lieu of flowers.
Unearthly colors, luminescent,
Scattering Light in lieu of seeds
Like stars across a galaxy, twinkling scintillation,
In reverie.

Photosynthesis as manna,
Prisms offering the rainbow of God’s promise
To protect us by His Grace.
Kept safe inside a neural network
Of Love translucent.

Abiding inside a bubblewrap:
The interconnected web of life,
Part of the Whole,
Dwelling in protected bubbles,
The spaces of individuality.

Sustained, maintained,
And growing as Love engenders love,
Our Parent is transparent.

When we are born,
We fall asleep on Earth,
Surrounded by lullabies
Vibrating to ease the transition.

When we die, we awaken to the
Realization of being Home.
The Creator of All,
The Master Gardener,
Arranges family reunions,
As we are welcomed back.

The Beauty radiates from Truth,
We are loving, and  beloved,
We are impregnating His Eternal garden,
With Love Never-ending,
Engendered by that ethereal time,
That lives beyond all space.

He asks that we honor Him by continuing
The Creativity of Creation,
A bubbling wellspring of
His gift in  loving us,
As we steadily and steadfastly grow in this richest soil.

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