Humpday Reading, a message of Serenity

hump day readings Aug 17, 2022
Serenity, peace, good fortune, well-being

Today's Humpday Reading is from the Good Tarot deck, by Colette Baron-Reid. When I pulled this card, I knew it held today's entire message. Serenity.

Take a moment, get centered on the breath, and read the intention statement below the card picture out loud.


10 of Water

Serenity, peace, good fortune, well-being

All is well with the world and with me.

"Well-being is my natural state. Everything I need
comes to me easily and effortlessly. I feel joy and
express it to others as I look around and see all the
love that we share. I take pleasure in all I have
accomplished. Whatever attention I receive or don't
receive, I am serene, for I know full well what it
took for me to get where I am. I celebrate myself
and all who traveled the road with me and feel
grateful to Spirit for being my companion always."

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