Hump Day Reading , a message of Hope 8-10-2022

group readings hump day readings Aug 10, 2022
Archangel Raphael, a message of hope

Hi Soul Gang, 

How do you start your day? 

Most days, I start in communion with the divine. If I feel out of balance, as I did this morning, I realign my chakras and tap. Once my energy is aligned, I call in the light of the divine, ask for protection, and open my heart fully. Releasing all thoughts, I bask in the radiance of pure divine light, knowing all is well. Once I am full, I share my endless source of light with the prayer wave. 

On most days, I end my practice by pulling oracle or tarot cards. Today I pulled three.

Today's Card Reading

My question was, “What do we all need to know as we face so much going on in the world daily?”  

I laughed when I pulled the first card, Setting Your Course. The first thing I noticed is the rainbow. That’s perfect for me personally, since I’m working on the chapter of my book on the amplifying power of the divine prisms. The rainbow is a perfect message for all of us, as it symbolizes hope, peace, and new beginnings. 

On the card, there are two sailors checking to make sure they’re on course. Their telescope brings into focus the destination. It points toward the next card, letting us know who or what is guiding us. Today it’s Archangel Raphael. 

Raphael’s heart light is shining pink, the color of Love. He’s also holding a light, a flashlight, to illuminate the path, letting us know we are being guided on this miracle-filled journey of great healing. 

The third card is confirmation that we are on track. Our part is to let go of any heavy baggage and board the train. 

With all the uncertainty the world throws at us daily, it’s easy to get weighed down and thrown off course. Realign your energy daily or even hourly if you need to. Linda told me yesterday that she’s doing Donna Eden’s energy healing course to learn more ways to stay in alignment. 

Remember, we are in a time of great transformation. A transformation of this magnitude is always met with chaos and resistance, but we are not alone. Our path to new world consciousness is divinely lit. Keeping it illuminated is up to us. It’s a daily practice. 

This is a message of hope and love.  

If you’re in agreement, take a moment and receive this message, then say, “And so it is, and so I receive, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. 

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