Face Your Fear

humpday readings Sep 01, 2022
Face Your Fear

Yesterday I received a new Oracle deck from Hay House, Animal Apothecary by Cara Elizabeth. Today, I played with it a little before drawing from the deck I had planned for our Humpday Reading.

When I picked up the deck, its vibration shot through me. Cara must have transmitted a supercharged blessing to users of her deck (I’m going to reach out and ask her).

As always, I started by drawing a single card. When I saw it, I laughed out loud. No need for another card. For those of you who follow The Seven Storms channeling, you will recognize the symbolism on the card.

First, I’m going to share what this card means to me, then I’ll post some of Cara’s message from her guidebook, it’s on page 86.

During this time of great transformation, it’s easy to get lost in fear. Try facing your fear, explore it, and extract its wisdom.

Meaning of the Symbols

A crow warns us of what’s coming. It represents wisdom, transformation, death, and rebirth. Remember, death can be literal or metaphorical.

A prism refracts light, expanding and amplifying it. However, a prism has no light source of its own. We supply the light, and, in this case, our divine light is the source.

Fear douses our light. We can become so wrapped up in fear that we cannot see the light in others, let alone project our own.


Meet Crow, Angel of the Second Storm

Crow is the Angel of the Second Storm, willful ignorance. Willful ignorance is the destruction of Wisdom. Fear is one result of Willful ignorance.

During his physical life, Crow was a mountain man who was a shaman and shapeshifter. His given name was Arin, literally meaning enlightened and a mountain of strength. For years, villagers depended on Crow to heal the sick, interpret dreams, and prophesied, especially about crops and the coming weather.  

When the little local church got a new preacher, he proclaimed God did not recognize Crow as a holy man, that he was evil. He was convincing when he said his ways were against God and that if they used his services, they would suffer his wrath. Crow was then cast out of his village and forced to live out his days in the mountains.

As sicknesses swept through the little town, villagers died. Lack of rain destroyed their crops. They prayed, yet their loss mounted. The villagers knew Crow could help, but fear of God’s wrath won. They asked for forgiveness, for even considering Crow’s intervention.

Finally, people grew desperate and began sending messages up the mountain. They feared Crow would be bitter and pleas unanswered.

But in the morning, remedies were on their doorstep. In return, they left him supplies along with other requests. While some still carried guilt, others realized the gift Crow was to their village. They did not go against God; they listened.

Is fear casting doubt on your knowing?


The key to facing your fear is instead of willfully running from it, inquire.

Have a conversation with your fear as if it were a friend, not an enemy. Call in Crow, along with any other guides as your counsel. Begin with the facts.

“Fear; that I feel you is the evidence you want my attention.”

What are you telling me?

Why are you here?

Why do I feel you so deeply?

When did we first meet?

Are you my fear or were you imposed on me?

Are you from this lifetime or another?

Is your message a fear from an ancestor?

What message do you have for me?

“Fear, now that I understand you better, I have a request. Be gentle with me. Guide me, don’t paralyze me. If you were imposed on me, I send you back to your rightful owner now.”

Journal about what you’ve learned.

In 2020, the Universe dispatched a divine prism to each of us. The prisms can only be used to amplify our light, not our agenda.

Close your eyes, breathe. Ask for protection as you roll your shoulders back and open your heart center.

Once open, imagine your prism in front of your heart.

Activate its power switch, compassion.

Witness how it amplifies and grows, leaving no room for fear.

Hold on to this image for as long as you can. Just 10 seconds will increase your light 10-fold.

If your light feels strong enough, release your abundance of light into the Prayer Wave. Together, we heal.

Thank you, God, Source, your guides, and angels. 

From Cara Elizabeth's Guide book

In the forest, Crow will often warn other animals of oncoming hunters. Crow comes when a fear or uncomfortable situation must be faced and transformed. It is through facing the "fear" that the animals in the forest are able to escape and survive. Crow isn't just cawing at you to face your fears, he's asking you to do something with the energy that comes from those fears.

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