Cindy's health issues:

Nov 07, 2022

Hi all, Farris here. This morning Cindy went in for a cardiac stress test. Apparently, during the test, she had a cardiac "event" and they promptly did a cardiac catheterization (where they take that teeny little camera and run it through an artery and look at your heart for blockages). The results of that were all good - no blockages, nice clear pipes.

Then they did a CT scan of her head (she's been having some slightly foggy vision issues), and did find some scarring (my word, because I'm not sure what they actually called it), which could have resulted from the blow to her head when she was ten.

The major concern though is, her cardiologist believes she has ventricular tachycardia, or v-tach (very fast heart rhythm in the lower chambers). Apparently v-tach can be serious, very serious, or very very serious; mostly depending on the cause. I'm including a couple of links here to much better information:

She'll be having some more testing done tomorrow (Tuesday the 8th), so hopefully we'll know more by tomorrow afternoon.

And, for now let's help her surf the Prayer Wave.

Love y'all

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