Plant Creageous Capricorn New Moon Intention Seeds

astrology Jan 10, 2024
Capricorn New Moon on 1/11

 Our first New Moon of the New Year is tomorrow, 1/11. Here’s what’s cool. With the 111 and the ‘climb every mountain’ Capricorn energy, this is an auspicious time to plant your seeds of intention, not only for January, but all of 2024. 

In numerology, 1 holds the vibration of new beginnings, creation, and drive. Triple the energy and it awakens your intuitive compass that guides you to the right soil, technique, and tools you need. Now, add in the golden rays of ambition from the Capricorn and the abundant energy of the 8 universal year, the potential to manifest the garden of your dreams is endless. 

Here are five ways to plant your intentions in fertile ground.  

1. Creageously Journal: Without holding back, be creative and courageous when writing out your intentions; don’t hold back. Writing helps you clarify your intentions. 

2. Visualize and Meditate: Visualize your seeds of intentions. Plant them in your mind and heart garden with meditation. This helps embed them deeply into your subconscious. 

3. Create a Vision Board: Craft a vision board that visually represents your intentions. Use images, words, and symbols that resonate with your goals. This visual representation serves as a daily reminder and inspiration for your intentions. 

4. Rituals and Ceremonies: Create a ritual or ceremony to symbolize the planting of your intention seeds. Keep it simple. Light a candle while stating your intentions out loud or bury written intentions in a small pot of soil as a symbol of growth. 

5. Affirmations and Mantras: Create positive affirmations or a mantra that aligns with your intentions. Repeating your affirmations regularly is like Miracle Grow for manifesting your dream garden. 

Here's to the most Creageous ever.

P.S. To Learn more about being Creageous, join us live, Jan 12 @ 7pm ET/4 PT. Zoom link is in our email and private community pages

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