holiday messages Nov 29, 2021
My Advent Wreath
Celebrate it your way!
Most belief systems celebrate the four weeks of Advent as it leads up to the Winter Solstice and the coming of the light. (Advent means coming.) Light is a powerful healer. 
I decided to make my own version of an Advent Wreath and keep the traditional meaning of the candles as the meaning speaks to me. 
Week one is HOPE, week two: LOVE, week three: JOY, and week four: PEACE. Some add a fifth candle to light on the solstice or Christmas Day to represent the PURITY of Jesus.
Do it in a way that’s in alignment with your understanding.
For me, the four candles say, ‘the light lives in me.’ The meditation statue represents STILLNESS and MINDFULNESS. And By each lotus candle, I placed an angel to watch over my intentions.
Share yours in the common room or on Facebook along with what it means to you. A day late is fine and use whatever you have on hand.
I send you all light!
P.S. Yes, it's okay to blow out the candles at night (I have cats). You can also use battery-operated candles.

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