2022 Universal Year 6 and Your Personal Year Number - Part 2

numerology Jan 31, 2022
2022 Personal Year

Part 2:  The Energy at Play in Your Personal Year

by Cindy Kubica

In part 1, I talked about the energies at play in our current Six (6) Universal Year. Now it’s time to determine your Personal Year and what that means for you.

How to Calculate Your Personal Year

To calculate your personal year, add your birth month to the day you were born, then add in the Universal year number. If you get a double digit, add the numbers together to reduce it to a single digit.

Month + Day + Universal Year = Personal Year

For example: my birth month is March (3) and I was born on the 16th.   

 There are two ways you can calculate it:

3+16=19+6=25   2+5=7   
(Use this to see if you have a master number 11 or 22)

You can also calculate it by adding the individual numbers together: 3+1+6=10+6=16  1+6=7

Either way, my Personal year number is 7.

Once you have your number, look for your personal number below:


If you’re in a 1 year, you are in the energy of new beginnings. This is the year of the pioneer, a time of reinvention, and reimagining. Get creative and move with this energy. ‘Try on’ new ideas, new ways of doing things to see if they work for you; if not, simply let it go. Explore a new creative outlet, hobby, or sport. Travel to a new place or learn a new language. Discover a part of you that’s never been expressed, create a new path; the possibilities are endless. It’s also a time for independence. Trust yourself.

Caution: Fear of trying something new or being independent confines you with stagnant energy. Remember, you are safe and always divinely guided.

ONE (1) YEAR keywords:

New beginning, create, invent, reinvent, pioneer, independence, explore, investigate, and ‘try on’.


If you’re in a 2 year, you are in the vibrational energy of harmony. It’s a time to balance relationships and embrace self-love. Go inside and get to know yourself in new ways. You really are quite extraordinary. When you create internal harmony, external harmony will follow. This is also the perfect time to practice saying no to what no longer serves you.

Caution: Ignoring this energy will make you feel out of sorts and off balance throughout the year.

TWO (2) year keywords:

Harmony, relationships, connection, self-knowing, self-love, duality, balance, boundaries, diplomacy, consideration.


If you’re in a 3 year, you are in the vibrational energy of expansion. The power of three is undeniable. You will receive a wealth of fun, new ideas that will keep you inspired and motivated throughout the year. New ways of communication, creativity, and enhance personal power are calling to you. Three is the number of the Ascended Masters, so call on them for guidance. This is a year where fantasy and reality become friends. Put on your fun hat and delight in this adventurous energy.

Caution: pace yourself or you’ll go in too many directions and end up burning out.

THREE (3) year keywords:

Expansion, communication, possibilities, creativity, fun, joy, adventure, stepping out in new ways, testing yourself.


If you’re in a 4 year, you are in the vibrational energy of stability. This is a year to strengthen your foundation, stay grounded and adhere to what you say you value. Smudge your home and office. Call on the elements to help create balanced energy, clear clutter, purge, revamp, and organize your environment. Give away things that take up energy and space. Remember, someone may truly need something you’re hoarding. The 4 energy invites you to discover new systems and embrace new habits. 

And you have powerful support! Four is the number of the Archangels; call on them for strength and guidance.

Caution: next year is your 5 year which is a year of change and the unexpected. Build a stable, not rigid, foundation, and you will be unshakable and see the change as fun.

FOUR (4) YEAR keywords:

Stability, foundation, grounding, safety and security, values, elements, organize, declutter, purge. Call on the Archangels. 


If you’re in a 5 year, you are in the vibrational energy of change. And where there is change, adventures await you. Take advantage of new opportunities, travel, or move. Embrace the 5 freedom-loving, creative energy—just hold on to your hat. Where there is change, there’s also an opportunity for chaos, so expect the unexpected. You’re likely to say, “That was interesting, now what?!” 

Caution: In a five year, break free of things that really don’t serve you or the Universe may present you with some chaos to help you change.

FIVE (5) YEAR keywords:

Change, freedom, freewill, adventure, travel, opportunity, let go, shift, unexpected, and chaos.


If you’re in a 6 year, you’re in the same vibrational energy as the Universal year; connections. The cool thing is you will always be in the same as the Universal year, making it easy to remember to calculate. And because the Universal and your personal year match, the energy is amplified.

A six (6) year encourages you to improve your relationships. Reconnect with your significant other, rekindling a friendship, getting married, or even extending your family. Let connection, belonging, love, compassion, self-care, and self-love be your guide. 

The 6 year vibration is healing. One of the most powerful healing tools available to us, forgiveness. This is also an exceptional year for beautifying and babying your home, making it even more welcoming—how fun! 

Caution: this is not a year to be a recluse; connect with others or you could find loneliness and even depression nipping at your heels.

SIX (6) YEAR keywords:

Connections, relationships, love, belonging, family, nurturing, harmony, self-care, home, environmental beauty, enjoyment, healing, mending, and forgiveness.


If you’re in a 7 year, you are in the vibrational energy of spiritual and psychic awakening. Seven energy asks you to get quiet, go within, let go of ego, and welcome new knowledge. It’s a year to listen and integrate what you’ve learned. In a 7 year, a portal to the divine is open, swing open the doors, tap into universal wisdom, and expand your psychic gifts. Spend time with your inner recluse and philosopher. Journal, study, learn, read, enroll in a class, create a vision board, and expand your creative expression.

Caution: Be careful not to isolate yourself completely, as humans we need connection. Create opportunities to share your newly learned wisdom with a friend or loved one.     

SEVEN (7) YEAR keywords:

Spiritual growth, psychic awakening, wisdom, beliefs, philosophy, listen, get quiet, go within, awareness, epiphanies, integrate, study, read, learn, and grow. 


If you’re in an 8 year, you are in the vibrational energy of infinite potential. Eight is a lucky year. Manifesting, opportunity, and abundance are knocking at your door. Invite them in. Embrace the energy that drives you forward. Expand or start a business, pen a book, volunteer in the community. Challenge yourself in new ways and you’ll see results more quickly, as if by magic. This is also a year where it’s easier to clear negative karma and welcome in good karma. Remember, not all karma is bad. Right now, open your arms and welcome in luck and good fortune.

Caution: If luck and good fortune have not been your experience and you’ve always had to do things the hard way, you could push this energy away. Relax and embrace it. Welcome the ease with which things come to you. It’s your turn!!!

EIGHT (8) YEAR keywords:

Infinite potential, manifest, abundance, opportunity, drive, accomplishment, challenge yourself, results, goal, embrace, karma, magic, and luck.


If you’re in a 9 year, you are in the vibrational energy of completion and selflessness. It’s time to wrap things up, complete unfinished projects and business, close out the old ‘stuff’. This is not a good year to start something new. You can, however, lay the groundwork for the next year, which is a 1 year—new beginnings.

Nine holds the frequency of compassion and humanitarian acts; serve however you feel lead. This year brings together the collective wisdom from all your life experiences. Welcome it, and even write it down so others can learn from your wisdom.

Caution: not wrapping things up means you’ll take old stuff into your next year which is a year of new beginnings.

NINE (9) YEAR keywords:

Completion, finalize, wrap up, clear the slate, minimize, humanitarian, selflessness, lived wisdom.


There are two more numbers to consider, Master numbers 11 and 22.

Use the first calculation to see if your personal year adds up to 11 or 22 and read about the powerful Master energy active for you this year. Then reduce it to a 2 or 4 and read that energy and blend the two together. 


Eleven (11) is the Master Number of Spiritual Awakening. This number literally looks like a gateway and opens the portal to new understanding and spiritual growth. It illuminates the seen and unseen, the knowable and unknowable.

An eleven is also a year of self-mastery. It challenges you to awaken to a higher level of understanding and will often be ‘in your face’, meaning the number will show up again and again, until you acknowledge it. Invite it in, ask for guidance, and embrace it wholly. You are being called on to up level your skills, abilities, and self-mastery. 

ELEVEN (11) YEAR Keywords:

Spiritual awakening, gateway, spiritual growth, self-mastery, and consciousness.


22 is the Master Builder number. 22 energy opens a portal of joyful inspiration and carries the frequency level of creation, and co-creation. It helps you envision a new world both personally and collectively, which aids in transforming consciousness.

For the best use of this energy, set strong intensions, create a vision board, then start building; the wind is at your back.

NOTE: We will all feel this 22 energy to some degree as we are in the 22nd year of the 2000s. Let’s build a better world together, starting with us.

TWENTY-TWO (22) YEAR Keywords:

Master builder, envision, transform, creation, co-creation, joy, collective consciousness, and inspiration.

Whatever your personal year number, the Universe has given you the gift of a frequency that will help you on your journey. Welcome it in as you would an old and trusted friend. Flow with it. You’ll be amazed at how much easier life will be!

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