2022-12-18 Week 3 Ancestral healing meditation - Joy

Dec 21, 2022

Of all the light beings in the Council of Wisdom, the angel most of us are drawn to is Kenner. Why? Because Kenner loves being exactly who he is, a builder of bridges! 

In case you don’t remember, Kenner is the angel of the Fourth Storm, Division. His mission is to build bridges that Unite. But from the time he began erecting bridges, after the great flood, people have been tearing them down. Yet, no matter what others do to destroy them, he builds and rebuilds. He sees beyond judgment and uses mortar of hope. And, he performs the work with child-like joy. 

The third week of Advent is Joy. Joy is internal, and when fully embraced illuminates every aspect of our life. Ancestral issues can divide us from that joy by making us wrong for being who we are. This effects relationships, prosperity, health, and curiosity. 

Kenner is our guide in a meditation to send back, to be healed, misbeliefs passed on through generations, and rebuild the bridge of truth: that you are perfection; claim it and live in the joy of who you have always been.

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