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Thank you for your Donations

Kitten with Quarter

When we started, we didn’t know how long we would be doing this. And now we understand how important it is for us to connect, so we will continue.

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Mary and Andrew reminded us, “Receiving is as important as giving.” It’s easy to forget that when you are a giver (I know you understand, too). 

Mary shared that Dee Wallace says, “Money is energy and when you give, it’s simply an exchange of energy.”  Abraham says that exchange creates a magnetic energy vortex that helps you manifest what you want. Sooo, here we go…we are both manifesting what we want.
(Thank you for the reminder). 

Again, thank you! We are on this wild journey together and we are so grateful you are part of our Soul Gang!

Huge Energy Hug!

Cindy & Farris